Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies the anomalies of the dentomaxillofacial structures and treats them through the correct alignment of the teeth.

The main task of an orthodontic specialist is to meet the functional requirements necessary for the patient to regain normal bite, without forgetting their aesthetic needs.

The staff of our clinic is composed of different types of specialists, who are responsible for both the prescription of treatment and the subsequent monitoring of patients. At Clínica Dental Fañabé Plaza we advocate the use of all types of necessary appliances, removable or fixed, to realign teeth and obtain healthy and aesthetic bites.

Sometimes orthodontics is a treatment that must be started at a very early age. In these cases, orthopedic devices help intervene in the bone development of patients and correct possible future alterations in adulthood. For the youngest, we recommend functional orthopaedic appliances, as they allow the possible discrepancies in the bone growth of the jaws or mandible to be adjusted. In the case of adults, we recommend the option of ceramic braces, clear and almost invisible.

Conventional orthodontics, based on the use of “brackets”, is currently a fundamental pillar in Clínica Dental Fañabé Plaza. However, we also offer the possibility of performing such treatments with “aesthetic brackets”. In this way, we achieve the same results, but with an improvement in the aesthetics of the patient during the treatment.

Currently there is the possibility of performing orthodontic treatment with totally “invisible” methods. These are transparent devices that do not require the use of “brackets” and allow a totally natural aesthetic. Many people opt for this type of treatment, because the invisible aligners are removable. This facilitates good hygiene, greater comfort and unbeatable aesthetics during the treatment.

An advantage of our clinic is that, when performing radiological studies, it is not necessary to refer the patient to another location, since our clinic has specific X-ray equipment for orthodontics.

Our excellent team of specialists in orthodontics will give you the best solution to your needs.


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