In our clinic we have the latest advances and trends in the most precise technology to obtain the best results. We are talking specifically about the intraoral scanner.

Our digital impression scanners use artificial intelligence to guide us from the real teeth, with the aim of obtaining long-lasting and natural-looking treatment results.

With them, we can capture and send the perfect occlusion and jaw movement to the lab, resulting in a perfect fit.

In fact, impressions made with an intraoral scanner are much more accurate than the conventional impressions we are used to.

In addition, there are no cable limitations, as it is the first and only wireless scanner, which guarantees greater comfort as well as easy scanning.

In our clinic we have a pen that scans the real teeth, so you will see in real time your smile as it is at the moment.
But then, we will find the best and most accurate method to correct dental imperfections, as well as the bite or those oral discomforts that are a problem for us, or that are inconvenient in the future.

Whether they are dental prostheses, implants and/or partial or total rehabilitations of the mouth.

We also know that there are two types of intraoral scanners, depending on the type and format:

  • Photographic technology scanner, which captures individual images of the scanned areas and then fuses them together to create a final 3D image.
  • Video technology scanner, which differs from the previous one in that it records video instead of taking photographs.

Benefits of Intraoral Scanning

Some of the advantages of using an intraoral scanner are:

  • We do not have to use materials such as alginate, plaster or plaster cast. So we avoid the discomfort of these materials.
  • Since, with the 3D scanner we will obtain a 3D printing model in minutes and without residues.
  • We will get very reliable models, as the accuracy and success of these prints are very high. They can also be edited and any small faults that may arise can be corrected instantly.
  • All you have to do is scan the area to be rectified on the fly.
  • We must not forget that it is a great element to analyse the evolution over time of the planned treatment and its future evolution.

In short, the intraoral scanner improves the accuracy and reliability of the measurements. Thus achieving a better diagnosis, a more predictable treatment and the best results.

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