It’s time, get your smile back

During the Christmas holidays we spend a lot of time away from home, snacking and eating large meals, with ingredients that are out of our usual diet. This affects our bodies, especially our oral hygiene.

In spite of excellent oral hygiene, we recommend a professional dental cleaning, as this is the only way to ensure that our teeth are truly clean.

Even if we have good dental hygiene habits, there is always bacterial plaque in the mouth, which, due to continuous contact with saliva, generates tartar.

In order to remove it, it is necessary to use specific instruments handled by professionals, such as an ultrasonic generator, since, by applying ultrasonic vibration, the tooth and the tartar vibrate at different frequencies, making the tartar come off easily and painlessly. After this, the polishing paste is applied, with the aim of removing the staining of the tooth enamel, leaving it smoother.

This makes it more difficult for bacteria to adhere to a smooth surface.

Dental cleaning not only delays the appearance of tartar, it also avoids gingivitis:

  • Gingivitis.
  • The loss of teeth.
  • Pain in the gums.
  • Bad breath.
  • Caries, etc.

It is now when the big question arises: how often do we need a dental cleaning?

It is important to pay attention to the indications of your specialist, as one a year is usually recommended, but in each patient there are variations that predispose the patient to caries or periodontitis, so we would need more frequent check-ups.